In order to deliver reliable products

At our company, in order to provide products that are safe and secure, each and every one of us confirms the guarantee of quality. We will pursue quality that satisfies our customers by setting quality targets such as product development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and communication with customers and consumers.

ーProducts handledー

ECO Handling of eco-friendly products

(Biodegradable plastics)
Dried Dragon fruits
(fruits and dried fruits)
All Japanese food products

Nursing care products for the elderly


Import and export

・Supporting Japanese Companies’ Overseas
Expansion Of Japanese Technology Overseas
・Support for business alliances with overseas companies

Support for companies expanding overseas

・Proposal business
・Consultants business

Graphic Design

・Logo/CI design
・Product packages
・Business cards
・PR materials
・Sales promotion
・Presentation materials

Translation Support

・Japanese⇔Traditional Chinese